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Nylon Military Paracord 550 lbs Type III 7 Strand Utility Cord Rope 100 Feet

Nylon Military Paracord 550 lbs Type III 7 Strand Utility Cord Rope 100 Feet
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Made From 100% Heavy Duty Nylon Material. 550 Pound Tested - 7 Strand Core. 5/32" Diameter. 7 Removable Nylon Inner Strands by 2 Ply. Quick Drying & Will Not Rot or Mildew. Easy to Clean. 100 Feet Long. Better Than Military Specifications. Made In The USA.

Paracords direct from the manufacturer. Commercial Grade Paracord not Mil-Spec. When reliability is a must, this is what you want. This is the real thing, not a cheap imitation. Paracord Ropes can be utilized in many great survival uses & the 7 strands can be easily removed Some uses for this cord can be: Ridgelines for Tarps Securing Equipment Shoelaces, Hanging Food from Bears, Vehicle Tie Downs, Sewing Fabric, Repairing Equipment, Making a Fire Bow, Fishing Line, Paracord String for a Bow, Making a Shelter, Fish Gill Nets, Fishing Line, Animal Snares Clothes Lines, Paracord Lanyards, Anchor Line, Binding, Twine, Animal Restraints, Tooth Floss, Splints, Tourniquet, Paracord Braiding, Bracelets, Paracord Bracelets & Other Paracord Crafts.

No survival kit is complete without a hank of genuine paracord rope. Get all your official 550 paracord ropes from here with our wide selection of colors. Our 550 paracords for sale are great and those looking to get the real stuff, with a wide selection of colors you came to the right spot. We offer the 100 feet military 550 paracords in solid color paracords, camouflage paracords, reflective paracords & glow in the dark paracords for all your projects and needs.

***We offer a lifetime guarantee on these ropes and if there are any issues, contact us and we will take care of it for you!***




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550 Lbs Tested. Made from 100% Nylon Paracord Ropes GI Enhanced USA Made

Size: 100 Feet Long. 5/32" Diameter. 7 Inner Strands.

Important Part of Any Survival Kit. Top Quality Craftsmanship, Detailed Construction, Improving Every Last Detail.

MADE IN THE USA. GSA Compliant. Official Military Paracord Rope.

550LB Military Nylon Paracord Rope 100 Feet

Product Details:
Package Length: 2.5 inches
Package Width: 2.2 inches
Package Height: 1.7 inches
Package Weight: 0.5 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 435 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 435 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

174 of 187 found the following review helpful:

2same as every other paracord on amazonJan 13, 2011
By Rosc
This is the same ROTHCO commercial class 3 paracord being sold elsewhere for much LESS, the same paracord that has MANY complaints about failing well below the rated 500lb test.

This seller's description is deceptive trying to fob this off as if it was the mil-spec paracord, not the cheap commercial stuff. ;<

139 of 149 found the following review helpful:

1BEWARE: some good, some BADApr 23, 2011
By Willie "roadie"
bought 100' of red and black...

the pics show ROTHCO, but this is a LIE!

the red product *appears* to be valid paracord... since i'm not jumping out of plane or using this
to repel down a cliff, i don't give a romeo alpha whether or not it is the real thing...

HOWEVER, the black paracord i received was not only not ROTHCO, but is mislabeled JUNK

BEWARE of the seller 'USA Imports,' as you will receive BAD product...

the real insult, besides being lied to by deceptive product pictures by Amazon, is that it is not worth the time to return junk purchased like this...

if this keeps up with Amazon, i'm going shopping elsewhere...

67 of 71 found the following review helpful:

2not real paracordApr 09, 2011
By Ryan
I got the Coyote Brown 100 foot length "para cord." It looks like para cord but it only has 4 strands of coarse short fiber nylon. I wouldn't trust this to hold 550lb any day. Next time I'll just go to a military surplus store and spend the extra few bucks. It'll work for a rifle sling or something though.

37 of 41 found the following review helpful:

4"550" CordApr 20, 2012
By ThanksforListening
Product arrived in resonable time. Was packaged in clear plastic bag with paper insert, w/ company & product info on it. What I received was Commercial Grade "550 para cord". I received 100' of 7-strand comprised of TWO twists each. Military or Mil-Spec cord is 7-9 strand, each strand composed of THREE twists each. Also one of the strands of Mil-Spec will be colored (to designate manufacturer). I think that this commercial grade would be suitable for most peoples uses. Personally, I would prefer next time to have real Mil-Spec cord. Hope this review helps someone out there.Overall, I would purchase again to have some Cheap verstaile cord laying around. Thanks for reading, Have a great day.

13 of 14 found the following review helpful:

1Bad quality controlJun 25, 2012
By Amazon Customer
Just received this and my husband started to make a belt and found the cord bumpy. At every twist and bend the white inner strands are popping out. It's unusable. Obviously there was lapse in quality control when this cord was packaged (foliage was the color). I am completely disappointed. I am sending this back asap and finding a different brand.

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